GENIVI Development Platform (GDP) Build Speed (Yocto)

chbae 2023. 4. 20. 20:29

I tested GDP build on AWS EC2s, i7 PC, and Server. Please see below contents about GENIV introduction and yocto build test result.

What is GENIVI?

GENIVI® is a nonprofit industry alliance committed to driving the broad adoption of open source, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) software and providing open technology for the connected car.

What is GDP (GENIVI Development Platform)

The GENIVI Development Platform is an Open Source project for automotive with three main goals;

Deliver a system developers can use to create software components for automotive. A platform focused on automotive use cases to enable developers to create applications and demos targeting the industry. A starter kit that can be downloaded and customized for different hardware focused in automotive use cases.

How to build GDP for qemux86-64

$ git clone
$ cd genivi-dev-platform
$ source qemux86-64
$ bitbake genivi-dev-platform


Machine: qemux86-64

Version: 2017-03-22 poky: Update to latest krogoth (e59717e8)

Server Spec build time
AWS c4.2xlarge (8 vCPU, 16 GiB RAM ,SSD) real 156m17.729s
user 886m51.032s
sys 94m4.660s
AWS c4.4xlarge (16 vCPU, 30 GiB RAM, SSD) real 96m18.954s
user 880m56.068s
sys 94m3.548s
AWS c4.8xlarge (32 vCPU, 60 GiB RAM, SSD) real 68m10.872s
user 841m56.616s
sys 99m10.532s
Desktop (8 vCPU - i7-3770, 32GiB RAM, SATA) real 165m49.947s
user 913m27.320s
sys 131m0.173s
Server (40 vCPU - E5-2680 v2, 128 GiB RAM, SAS) real 75m27.309s
user 1021m28.032s
sys 131m37.596s